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The Commission exercises several powers on behalf of the states, all of which are of a study, recommendatory or consultative nature. The Commission does not possess regulatory powers, as some Compacts do. The Commission provides a forum for interstate action and communication on issues of concern to the member states. It is the potential to stimulate the development and production of each state's mineral wealth through effective regulatory programs that draws many of the states together in the prosecution of the Commission's work. Given the environmental sensitivities associated with this objective, a significant portion of the Commission's work is dedicated to the environmental protection issues naturally associated with this mineral development. It is the significant value and clout that comes from "compacting" together and speaking with a strong, united voice that can make a difference in each state's efforts to implement effective regulatory programs that will conserve natural resources and secure a vibrant state (and thus national) mineral economy. New issues and initiatives affecting the states are constantly arising. Some of the current initiatives and issues being pursued by IMCC are listed below.

For a detailed overview of IMCC activities as of the most recent IMCC Executive Commission Business Meeting, visit the "Publications" section and click the first link to read the most recent IMCC Executive Director's report.

  • Liaison with Federal government and Congress
  • Monitoring of regulatory and legislative developments
  • Development and communication of State positions and recommendations on Federal rulemakings and national legislation
  • Information gathering and dissemination
  • Coalition building with related State organizations
  • Interaction with environmental and industry groups
  • Public mining and minerals education outreaches
Some of the issues pursued by IMCC
  • Regulatory implementation issues arising under the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act (SMCRA) such as: primacy, federal oversight, enforcement, the Applicant/Violator System, bonding, citizen participation, acid mine drainage, national technology transfer, mine placement of coal ash, and environmental protection standards
  • Regulation of coal combustion and mine wastes under the Resources Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)
  • Reform of the 1872 Mining Law
  • Regulation under the Clean Water Act, including state water quality requirements and groundwater and stormwater regulation
  • Inactive and abandoned mine reclamation
  • Underground Mine Mapping
  • Financial assurance requirements under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA)
  • Technology Transfer
  • Mine Safety and Health Issues
  • Zoning and other land use restrictions
  • Abandoned Mine Lands (AML) and Reauthorization of the AML Program under SMCRA
  • Awards
  • Education Work Group
  • Finance & Administrative
  • Environmental Affairs, Coal Section
  • Environmental Affairs, Noncoal Section
  • Mine Safety and Health
  • Resolutions
Photos of Active Mining and Reclamation of one site:

Russ & Sons, Inc.
Russ and Sons No.1 Mine,
Sebastian County, Greenwood, Arkansas (Active Mining).
April 18, 1990

Russ & Sons, Inc.
Russ and Sons No.1 Mine,
Sebastian County, Greenwood, Arkansas (Reclamation).
June 15, 1993

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